The Fashion Of Sport

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Time is short and there is so much spontaneity, it’s hard to do everything that we want to in 24 hours. Our phones are cameras, are mp3 players, are fitness devices. Work, back and biceps workout after work, coffee with friends, no carbs at night, family dinner, so much to do, so little time to plan.

The average millennial has his mind full and there’s a lot to get done in a day. In this day and age, people are better connected and their plans change instantly. How does one cope with so many changes? And how does one avoid the omnipresent question, ‘Am I dressed appropriately’? And the answer invariably is, ‘Can’t carry a suitcase and roam around now can I’?

As our daily requirements are starting to merge into one another and one thing performs more than one task (our phones, our sofa-cum-beds, our TVs), it creates a demand-pull for our fashion providers to find similar solutions for our clothing requirements. Thus is born a whole new segment of clothing, active fashion or as some call it ‘Athleisure’.

Athleisure is a line of product that seamlessly merges fashion and function. It could be as simple as a pair of knitted denims, which to the naked eye look like a regular pair of smart denim pants but actually are a whole lot more comfortable, breathable and stretchable.

Fashion providers are finding new ways to aid consumers in multi tasking from Joggers to Yoga pants to lifestyle products that look slightly sporty but do the job for your casual needs. The segment is new and it will grow rapidly in the coming seasons.

If our phones are getting smarter it’s only a matter of time before our clothes follow suit!


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